Roofers Manchester

At VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd we’re passionate about roofing; we have a wealth of experience in roofing across Manchester. From flat roofing through to pitched roofing VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd can provide any roofing service that you might need. We provide the highest quality roofing services to every single customer that we complete work for and we have the reviews to prove it. Visit our contact page to get in touch today.

Based in Oldham VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd really are local roofers and provide first class roof materials to homes and businesses across Manchester. We can complete smaller roof repairs such as slipped tiles or slates through to much larger repairs where rain may have penetrated the waterproof membrane that rests under roof itself.

As professional roofers we will always try to keep the costs associated with roof repairs to a minimum, and when possible we’ll try to repair a roof rather than replace it. Many people don’t realise that fixing a leaking roof can be quite dangerous as the rainwater can have a negative effect on the structure of the roof itself.

Bespoke Roofers Manchester

We understand that no two roofs are the same, just as each of our customers needs differ. At VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd we inspect each roof in detail before starting any roofing job to make sure that both our customers and ourselves have a full assessment of the whole project.
We always like to be prepared before we begin work on any project and once we’ve started we like to keep our customers up to date with progress even on smaller jobs like repairs and re-tiling. We’ll advise you of the price before we start and if by chance anything arises during the project then we would always make sure the customer has a clear idea on cost.

We make sure that we use the best roofing materials available and we would never sacrifice the quality of the work we undertake to get the job done quicker. VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd are known four their attention to detail and high standards of customer services.

New Roofs Manchester

Getting a new roof can sometimes be a bit intimidating, it can often seem like a much larger job than it actually is and people are put off by the costs of getting a new roof. We pride ourselves on being a small company and not charging high prices. With VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd getting a new roof doesn’t have to be stressful or costly. As professionals we have worked on hundreds of roofs across Manchester over the years and we will always work quickly and discreetly to minimise the disruption to you and your home.

Not every roof needs major work; sometimes it might only need a minor repair or even a little TLC. We know that sometimes small problems with your roof can get out of hand in a short amount of time, so we would advise you to make sure you’re checking the health of your roof from time to time and potentially prevent major issues in the future. If you do see something wrong with either the exterior of your roof, or part of the interior roofing system then just pick up the phone and call VERTEX ROOFLINES Ltd and we’ll advise you what needs to be done. Our aim is to stop something which could be a small job from escalating into something more sever and more importantly costlier.

For more information on our roofing services just visit our contact page and we would be more than happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

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