Fascias & Soffits Manchester

5617817Your Fascias are an important part of your roof system, and are vital to keeping your home weather proof! If they are damaged or installed incorrectly they can allow rain to leak in your home. This in turn can lead to damp which can be very expensive to repair or remove. Vertex Rooflines can repair or replace your fascias quickly and with no stress at all.

Vertex Rooflines offer a complete range of fascia systems provide by FreeFoam and we are one of the regions leading accredited FreeFoam installation providers. At Vertex Rooflines we bring a quality finish to your roof and can make your home look almost brand new. Our Fascia boards come in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your home.

With our bespoke fascia services we always we guarantee you the following:
– No cracking, rotting or flaking
– High Grade UPCV that is weatherproof
– Fungal and Bacterial growth resistant
– No discolouration

At Vertex Rooflines we provide a wide range of fascias and soffits to the homes and businesses across greater Manchester and are now considered Manchester’s Fascias & Soffits experts. We can replace wooden fascias and soffits across and have worked across Manchester, Oldham, Stockport and Ashton. We always completely replace rotting wood and fit can fit new UPVC fascia and soffit, end caps, and create a roofing system which allows rain water to be completely collected, allowing the roof to breath. All our work is fitted in line with the latest’s building regulations, so you can be sure you are always getting the finest roofing system for your property.


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